Saturday, July 05, 2008

i'm back, bitches.

dear blog readers, all 4 of you. i want you to know that i took a much deserved vacay from my blog. but due to my sister in laws insistence i am returning. i will blog at least once a week to appease her. i love her very much and i will do anything to make her happy. she my bestey and this is dedicated to her. love jojo.

Monday, March 05, 2007

long time no blog

hey kids! i-clearly-have not written in a while. i had two requests about it this week so i decided perhaps it was time to return. i'm watching heroes right now so i'm a little distracted. but here's what's on my mind:
1. it would be nice to have a crush on someone
2. honey is the bestest cat ever
3. how to i walk in gratitude every day
4. dad is 59 today
5. i don't know what "old" is anymore
6. i can't believe i've been doing bootcamp for a year
7. how do i improve my eating

Monday, August 28, 2006

skipping months of blogging, not fabulous

thank you blog readers for your patience-and interest in my going ons! I have had a crazy 2 months working for GS. It has been crazy busy and I'm loving it! And, it seems like i'm not bad at it! my boss is really positive and seems to believe in me which is priceless. If you have an hour and a half free a week you should be a troop leader! It's not that hard!
in other news, i ran a 5k this weekend and finished with a time of 28:42. to put it into a little bit of perspective the first person came in at 18 something. it was pretty fun. the funnest part was when it was over! the feeling of accomplishment and all that. now i'm going to start training for the disney half marathon on jan. 7. i'm still working out every morning with bootcamp and am still enjoying it. there's a boy in there this time i have my eye on. and other than that, there are no boys. unfortunately, i'm still really wanting one. one other thing i'm up to is attending quaker meeting. it's a pretty large meeting and everyone is very friendly and hippie retirees. i don't know what i've got going on this weekend. angie is going to be in town so i'll get to see her on Sunday, but i'm hoping to get in a camping trip too!

Monday, June 26, 2006

gross stomach, far from fabulous

this weekend was fun. fri i went to christina & lonnie's house for a bbq. supa fun. i love having family so close. sat. i did kickboxing, a shift at tasti d lite, a prarie home companion & the local with kindel. then sunday i slept more than i have in months. it was storming outside so i snoozed on the couch all day-until it was time to go to loca luna & Chicago with kindel & theresa. fun fun. it would have been even more fun if i spent the day makin' out on the couch and then falling asleep, but we take what we can get, i guess.
i feel really crappy today. the weather is still yucky (though we do need the rain) and my stomach is unhappy with me for some reason . i don't know what i did to it but it is determined to get everything out one way or another. eww.
the postcard above is from postsecret. if you do not already visit this site you should start!!! this card cracked my heart a little. a part of me hoped jared would show up this weekend. it would at least be a small movement towards a change within him. a larger part of me (maybe my ars? ;) ) was relieved he didn't. it's just hard to completely let go, whenever i think i have i find myself hoping he'll be at my door when i get home. but i know that wouldn't be good, and even if it was good at first, it wouldn't be that way for long. sigh. i wish someone would just come along and show me what it's like to be treated as well as i deserve, as well as i would treat them.
top 5 thoughts about changing jobs
1. good oportunity for me
2. i'll miss most of my co-workers immensly.
3. having a job that challenges me.
4. ugh, i hate driving
5. what will people be like at GS?

Friday, June 23, 2006


so this weekend in pride fest in atlanta. rainbows have descended upon the city and everyone says "happy pride!" i think it's super fun. i don't know if i'll make it over to midtown for the festivities. they're the part of me that thinks it's going to be so much fun and the other part that thinks the parking etc is not going to be worth the headache! i need to figure out what time the parade starts, though i'll probably be working then anway. i'm working at tasti d's sat 11-4. so come visit if you're in the l5p area!
jared has not called/contacted me again. and i've been really relieved about it. i'm supposed to meet up with a guy from this weekend. we're both super busy so we've been sporatically emailing for a month or so but just haven't been able to get together. that should be fun if it happens. ALSO i asked out the guy across the hall (via email). we talk every now and then and since next week will be my last here i figured i'd go ahead and make it happen! he said yes and asked what was good for me, i emailed him back and am waiting on a reply. we'll see if it works out. he could be flakey. i just feel impatient. i mean let's try this out and decide if it's good or not and move on either way. it's all the in between biz-nas i could do without. all the same, i'd like to meet these two and see what there is to see.
i'm so excited that i'm home this weekend! i've been out of town so much that i just really need to be in my place.
top 5 about this weekend:
1. tasti-d-lite tips?
2. Chicago with Theresa
3. naps on the couch with honey!
4. excited for the Ross family invasion sunday-wednesday
5. possible boy potential

Thursday, June 22, 2006

well bloggers, it's pretty much official. (i haven't recieved the written offer) i have verbally accepted a job at Girl Scouts! i'm excited, a little nervous. there's a lot of driving involved-to recruit people, but i'll have to really get aggressive with the library's books on cd collection. i was hoping for a pay raise, but it didn't happen. they assure me that they do annual salary reviews and typically give raises, so i guess i'll just hold out until then. i'll be making the same thing i make now though, professionally it's a step up. so, hooray!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

who's fabulous? you readers, that's who!

my apologies bloggers, i have been slacking on my blogging responsibilities. i have been uber busy! busy doing what you may ask, why i'll tell you!

bonnaroo was great! i saw robert randolph and the family band, bonnie raitt made my bonnaroo, the motet, g love & special sauce, the wood brothers, robinella, ben folds, tom petty (who brought out stevie nicks!), radiohead, beck, clap your hands say yeah, rusted root, bela fleck and the flecktones, matisyahu, and i think that's it. whew. we had an awesome time, the highlights being the 18in dbl sided dildo, brian in general, marc's laugh and general charm, charging a toll, morning yoga, kel's "bonnaroo is a circle of safety" comment, pj, ozea, sarah, jef, kate, dan, harper, being with mtv2, sunshine, awesome tan, amazing dancing and so much more that i'm sure i'll think of again. though i had a wonderful time, i'm waiting for the line up before i say i'll go again, i was just tired of being so dirty with no hope of being clean! however i can't imagine missing out on the time with marc, kel and brian. it's just too good to miss!
so, we got from bonnaroo on monday morning (1am) and i got up for work the next morning, then went to pick up the kitten and drop off the camping gear in PTC. tuesday i went to bootcamp
there has been some jared drama. not really drama, well maybe. as you may or may not know i stopped speaking to jared when he demonstrated-yet again-that i am not a priority. well, so he sent an email and a few texts yesterday, and we ended up talking. the most shocking thing i learned was that he had started making payments on an engagement ring. so that was interesting, though to him i didn't spend too much time on it. i kinda breezed by that mention. and i don't know what to do, readers. i feel like i've been happier in these past two months than i've been in a long time, and though most of it has to do with an attitude change via bootcamp, there has to be some of it attributed to not being with him. at the same time, he's had some things happen in these two months that have changed him as well. could we have changed in the right way? or is this something that should not be revisited. also, i already feel a little haze over me from dealing with it at all. clearly, not a good sign. but then i'm always a little funkier when i haven't worked out yet. i dunno. i'm feeling very weary of the whole thing. honestly, i think i would rather not be talking to him, i think i still need time. i feel like i was just getting this solid foundation under me of this new person i'm becoming, someone i like a lot and he kind of offsets that. hmmm. i guess that's the answer. i just wish this magical person i'm supposed to be with would freakin' show up. ok. thanks for listening, i appreciate comments, enjoy the pics!
oh, oh. i also bonnie raitt last night at chastain. she was amazing (again!). when she sang "i can't make you love me" she started crying. i think it's amazing she is still so touched by that song. it is uber emotional. she and keb mo' (check him out!) sang "angel in montgomery" it was so beautiful, it made me feel like my heart was going to explode. i don't think i've been touched like that in a long time.